SSRG in Laria (Social Services Research Group)


SSRG in LARIA is a research interest group that provides a network for social care research. All LARIA members gain the benefits of SSRG activities which are led by the SSRG in LARIA activity group. These benefits include the Research Policy and Planning (RPP) journal archive, the SSRG publication archive

SSRG in LARIA contributes to the wider LARIA community, including supporting events and helping to form links across the public, academic and private sector research communities.

LARIA members can also register their interest in supporting SSRG in LARIA. If you wish to support this group join simply register to join LARIA and select the option to show your interest. There is no additional fee.

We are proud to have the SSRG as a part of LARIA. Both organisations were established in the 1970s and we formally merged on 1 July 2017. They are our first research interest group and help establish a new direction for LARIA in providing more specialist support and activity for our members. We would encourage you to support SSRG in LARIA by making contact and getting involved.