Get involved

LARIA is at its best when members get involved.  Why don’t you do at least one of the following today!

  1. Contact your LARIA local group or find out how to run or support oneWe need volunteers to help existing groups and set up some in other areas.
  2. See what LARIA events we have coming up and book yourself a place and meet fellow researchers and hear from experts on a range of topics
  3. Why not speak at one of our events or write an article for us? We would love to hear from you if you have a project or research paper you would like to share.  Send us an email
  4. Why not suggest or run your own Event? The Events Activity Group is always looking for new ideas. Send us an email
  5. Write something on our online forum as part of the Knowledge Hub
  6. Ensure your organisation is represented by joining the LARIA Council or an activity group. These groups are at the heart of how LARIA is organised.  Help us help researchers by delivering the organisation you need. We have Regional Representative vacancies for several regions. Email us now if you are interested
  7. Support LARIA through our new Partnership Programme or sponsorship
  8. Tell people about LARIA.  We are always looking for new members, people to attend events or take part in what we do.  Why not tell your colleagues, friends, family and people you meet in the street about LARIA!
  9. And finally, if you are not already done so, please join LARIA! We have a range of membership options and it is the best way to keep in touch on our activities and start to play an active role.