LARIA Officer Roles

Our officers run LARIA as an organisation. All members of LARIA Council are officers of LARIA and all are volunteers. They are elected at our AGM and their role is set out in our rules of association.

The time commitment we’ve agreed for elected positions is four council meetings per year and the AGM. Meetings are held virtually wherever possible, but some face-to-face meetings may be required. Officers are expected to help lead LARIA and contribute outside of the formal meetings, but the total commitment should be in-line with other similar professional development opportunities.

A similar time commitment should be expected for a range of other ways you can be actively involved in the work of LARIA, from helping out in local groups, LARIA’s activity groups or elections to the LARIA Council. But whatever time you can give, even a few hours, there are opportunities to be involved and your support and input is welcomed and vital.

The roles and responsibilities of the officers include:

Chair (and Vice Chair)

  • Chair every meeting of LARIA Council
  • Consulted by the Secretary on all matters other than the day-to-day administration of LARIA
  • Plenary powers to take immediate action in all matters of urgency effecting LARIA, reporting such actions for approval to the next meeting of LARIA Council
  • Be a point of contact for representatives of other organisations
  • Promote LARIA to other organisations and members
  • In addition, the Chair (and Vice Chair) is an active volunteer, supported by those on LARIA Council.

Secretary (and Vice Secretary)

  • Responsible for the day-to-day running of LARIA.
  • Attends all meetings of LARIA Council and records correctly the names of the officers there present, and the minutes and actions of proceedings for audit.
  • Give due notice of all meetings and keep the accounts, documents and papers of LARIA.
  • Ensure the Rules of Association are followed and referenced in relevant decisions.

Treasurer (and Vice Treasurer)

  • Responsible for the sound financial management of LARIA, including projecting future spend.
  • Ensuring clear and accurate financial reporting to LARIA Council and to the AGM.

To find out more about taking on any of these roles please contact existing post holders or email