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Yorkshire and the Humber

Welcome to the LARIA in Yorkshire and the Humber group. All those working in local research in Yorkshire and the Humber are welcome to join our group. We would be happy to post the latest Yorkshire and the Humber news below and hear your suggestions on how the group could develop.

If you are already a LARIA member and wish to join the Yorkshire and the Humber group please visit our member area and ensure you have registered an interest. If you are not yet a member you can find out more about joining – including our free Associate member level where you can sign up to our updates.

The LARIA in Yorkshire and the Humber group is headed up by Andy Morton who would be happy to hear from you if you wish to get involved or check out how you can help support a local group. Local LARIA groups rely on the goodwill of members to arrange activities and to provide articles for this website. We hope you are able to become an active member of the group.

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