Full member charter

Full members of LARIA are classed as having signed up to the LARIA Charter. In recognition of this commitment to LARIA and the sector they will be entitled to the post-nominal letters “LARIA” after their name (as specified in the LARIA rules).

Member Charter
LARIA full members improve lives and local areas through the use of local research, intelligence and policy.

To do this they agree to aim to do the following through their work.

  1. Deliver professional research, intelligence and policy by
  • Defining the issue or problem to address and specifying the research question
  • Designing an appropriate research, intelligence and/or policy methodologies to use
  • Acting ethically and with integrity in compliance with relevant statutory, regulatory and organisation requirements
  • Analysing the information gathered to a high standard to provide robust conclusions and intelligence
  • Practically implement an effective research method to each specific situation
  1. Support robust evidence-based decisions by
  • Identifying the needs of decision makers
  • Presenting information and intelligence to meet audiences’ needs
  • Helping others, including partner organisations, to understand and use the information and intelligence gathered
  • Making the case for research and intelligence to be at the heart of policy development and decision-making
  1. Develop a broad understanding of issues and methodologies by
  • Understanding the broader social, political and economic context of the needs of the local people and their local areas
  • Understanding the strategic needs of the organisation they work for
  • Having an awareness of a broad range of specialities and research, intelligence and policy techniques
  1. Support other research and intelligence professionals by
  • Sharing best practice by for example writing articles and entering awards
  • Networking with other research and intelligence professionals through local and national LARIA events and online discussions
  • Offering advice, coaching and other support to other research, intelligence and policy professionals
  • Actively engaging in relevant government consultations and proactively help government and others to understand the impact of the decisions they make
  • Being an active member of LARIA by supporting its development and help organise activities
  • Promote the benefits of LARIA membership to others within their organisation and elsewhere

Please note

The charter is an individual commitment and a professional development tool rather than a standards code. In exceptional circumstances LARIA Council will consider submissions from LARIA members, or members of the public, to consider if a full member has not fulfilled the commitment of the LARIA Charter.  In such cases, if proven, it is likely LARIA Council will recommend possible training and professional development opportunities. The LARIA Charter does not apply to the organisation the LARIA full member works for. It cannot be used as the basis of any formal complaint or challenge to the robustness of consultations or any other activities. Any such attempts will be immediately rejected by LARIA Council.