Representing members

Members of LARIA represent members on a number of different committees and steering groups. The discussions often feed into the activities we undertake. These links are also your opportunity to be involved. If you would like to be more involved in these groups please contact us:

  • Government Social Research External Liaison Group.
    The GSR exists to: provide government with objective, reliable, relevant and timely social research, support the development, implementation, review and evaluation of policy and delivery and ensure policy debate is informed by the best research evidence and thinking from the social sciences. The liaison group keeps LARIA informed about developments within government but is also our opportunity to present the needs of members. Neil Wholey attends this group
  • Social Research Association (SRA) Strategy Group.
    The SRA promotes high quality standards of social research, they seek to represent, support, connect and inform their members and the wider social research community. The strategy group identifies common issues across the social research community for the SRA and other organisations to address. Neil Wholey attends this group
  • CALLS Hub Science & Policy Network (SPiNe).
    CALLS Hub (Census & Administrative data LongitudinaL Studies Hub) has been set up by the ESRC to raise awareness of the three UK Census-based longitudinal studies (the ONS, Scottish and Northern Ireland Longitudinal Studies) and their support units.  These studies provide a unique and powerful insight into topics such as migration, public health and social mobility. CALLS want to broaden the use of these census-based studies across Government departments, think tanks, academic research groups and third-sector organisations. Damian Highwood will represent LARIA on this group (it started March 2014)
  • Statistics User Forum (SUF).
    The Statistics User Forum works to make sure that the needs and views of the statistical user community are properly taken into account. It is hosted by the Royal Statistical Society and supported by a secondment from the UK Statistics Authority. LARIA is an Affiliated Group. Neil Wholey attends this group

Spring Webinar Series – Call for Presentations Please note, to access the webinars you must be a LARIA member. Read more…

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