LARIA’s Webinar Series & One Day Conference and Awards

LARIA’s Webinar Series & One Day Conference and Awards
Dates and Venue to be confirmed

Submission Deadline: 12 noon, Monday 20 May 2024

We are not alone: artificial intelligence and data science – friend or foe?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the phrase of the moment. Whether it is through an online chatbot, social media or a smart speaker, AI is in our everyday lives. It could drive significant efficiencies in many sectors or could make employees obsolete. It could solve the world’s problems or create a dystopian world where we are slaves to the machines.

AI is already being used by organisations in local areas to some degree. And those organisations are looking to their local area research and intelligence teams to inform and deliver that work.

Added to this, the opportunities presented by data science techniques, such as machine learning and predictive analytics, can underpin strategic and operational decision-making. Again, local area research and intelligence teams can be front and centre of development and implementation.

Our events aim to provide delegates with the ideas, tools, and techniques for delivering improved outcomes for the public based on robust data, evidence, and research. This year, our webinar series and event are both themed around AI and data science.

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