LARIA News was first published in 1979 as Research and Intelligence News with the support of INLOGOV and the last edition was published in 2012. Over the next few months we will be putting all previous editions of LARIA News online. We will then be consulting with members over relaunching LARIA News. All the content we would traditionally have placed in LARIA News is on this website. We also publicise through our LARIA eNews email which goes to all members (register here to receive it).

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  National Issues BURISA LARIA news (research issues)
1972-1974 EEC, The Troubles SPARS, CIRAS, GISP, Social ServicesComputer Forum, LAMSAC
1974-1976 Housing, Fairness and Equality Schemes GCIS Mapping, Availability of Land, CENSUS, Computers and Confidentiality
1976-1979 Housing, Benefits, Winter of Discontent Spatial Referencing, Annual Census of Employment, Welfare Rights, Health Data, Property Numbering Systems, Scottish  Housing Plans, Cancelled Census, Monitoring Economic DevelopmentSchool Bus SchedulingCentral and Local Government Relations Panel
1979-1990 VAT, Economic growth, Unemployment growth, Falklands, Miners Strike, Privatisation,  Abolishment of GLC and 6 top tier MCCs County wide systems, Patients First, Housing Needs, Local Government Act, Employment Planning, Regional Reports, Streamlining the Cities, Local Economic Intervention, Welfare Benefits, Forecasting Pupil Numbers, Rayner Review of Government Statistical Services, The Islington initiative, Quality of Life – Wrekin District Council, From School to Work, Social Effects of Unemployment, The Right to Buy, Spatial Referencing, Poll Tax, Research Consultancy
1990-1997 New Labour, European Unions Social Chapter, Census Labour Market information, Census Data, Information systems, 100th Edition, Perceptions of the Recession, European Observatory, The New MosaicPostcoded Data, Painting Europe by Numbers Transport Surveys in London, Hampshire Employers’ Survey, Local Government Database, Rural Deprivation, Face-to-Face with Focus Groups, Environmental Technology
1997-2007 Air strikes on Iraq, Minimum wage, Welfare Reforms, Smoking Ban, Petrol Prices, Euro Currency Estimating Incomes in Small areas, Planning for the 2001 census, Unitary Authority GIS, Changing Skills in Wales, Scottish Census, Thinking About the Future, Monitoring Local Inequalities in Health, The Re-use of Public Sector Information, NHS and Health, 2001 Census Update, Citizens’ Panel, Integrated Public Health Database, Research at Sandwell, The Health Poverty Index, Measuring Well Being, Tackling Deprivation Through Research and Action, Migration Special, Evaluating User Satisfaction Levels
2007-2010 Academy Schools The Potential of the Internet, Impact of Post Office Closures, Change of time in Education, Exploring Online Research methods, Consultation, Neighbourhoods, Brighter Futures and Children’s ServicesLocal Government Intelligence,
2010-present Public Health Transfer to Local Government, Recession The Environment in Your Pocket, Migration, Localism, Public Sector Transparency, Measuring Well-being, Bankrupt Britain, Census, School Place Planning, English Health Profiles Changing Times for Researchers, Addressing Data Quality, Census Update, Public Health Research, Housing Databank