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THE ROAD TO RECOVERY: where we have come from, where we are going to……
CACI last presented at the start of LARIA’s Autumn Webinar where we provided insights detailing how communities have changed and what needs to be done to operate safely, sustainably and efficiently while continuing to deliver essential services in a post-lockdown world. To do this, we use data to unlock the consumer, to discover what they think, how they behave, where they go, who they are and ultimately why they do what they do.
We will provide an update to our October presentation sharing our knowledge of working with the Public Sector at this time, key insights gleaned from our ongoing survey work and provide you with our thoughts for the future that will help you when revisiting your recovery planning, communications and engagement activities and how to sign-post communities and residents through their path back to reengagement.
Stewart Eldridge, Associate Partner – Public Sector & Charlotte King, Senior Consultant – Location Intelligence, CACI Limited

Using ACORN segmentation to improve take-up of mass LFT Testing in Coventry
Local Authorities took on responsibility for COVID-19 mass testing using LFT tests in December 2020. As test data became available, Coventry was keen to ensure that the profile of those taking-up the test reflected the overall profile of the population. In addition to socio-economic profiles, ACORN profiling has been used to identify specific population market segments who are under-represented in take-up. Furthermore, ACORN Knowledge has been used to identify comms channels and promotional techniques which are effective at improving messaging to the under-represented populations.
Dr Harriet Rowthorn, Coventry City Council

Covid-19 case disparities in Oxfordshire: postcode evidence
The Council will focus on how Covid-19 postcode-level case data, in combination with CACI’s Acorn classification and the IMD 2019, have been used to explore variation in the prevalence of Covid-19 across different demographic types within Oxfordshire.
Attendees will learn about the methodology used for exploring the Oxfordshire trend in Covid-19 case disparities across Acorn types and IMD deciles.
This will be followed by a description of some of the (Oxfordshire-specific) insights derived using these methods, such as:

  • The Acorn types most disproportionately affected by Covid-19 overall
  • Identifying outbreaks
  • The disproportionate concentration of Covid-19 cases within more deprived areas, and how this has varied with lockdown restrictions

Alick Bird, Insight Analyst & John Courouble, Business and Customer Insight Manager, Oxfordshire County Council

If you are interested in finding out more about CACI Ltd and their work, there is opportunity to book 121 meetings before and after the webinar.


12 April 2021
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


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