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Developing Data Driven Insights: The Energy Crisis and Census 2021
The Hounslow Data Hub enables residents, community groups and council staff to access data about the borough all in one place. We are committed to turning data into insight and intelligence that supports decision makers. The Hounslow Data Hub helps us do this by bringing internal and external data about the borough into a single easily accessible location and allowing users to look at data in a range of ways.

This session will focus on illustrating how data has helped us to provide an understanding of the needs of Hounslow’s population and how services have used this insight for a more targeted approach. Firstly, the session will cover how using Census 2021 data we ensure that more residents are fully represented, where they may not have been before, and how it can support the targeting of services. Following on from this, the session will look at how various datasets such as Energy Performance and CACI income data were combined to provide data-rich insights which guided the London Borough of Hounslow’s work to address the energy crisis challenge within the borough, along with wider winter planning.
Join this session to find out more about the Hounslow Data Hub and what it has to offer.
Simon Hayes and Leila Akyel, Information Analysts, London Borough of Hounslow

Using Data to Reach Net-Zero: Monitoring Local Authority Emissions
Manchester City Council declared a climate emergency in July 2019 and developed the five-year Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) setting out its plans to respond to the climate emergency and become a net-zero organisation by 2038. Since then, there has been more discussion on whether this target should be brought forward due to the severity of the situation to the year 2030. The CCAP contains 48 individual actions in 5 workstreams, including buildings and energy, travel and transport, reducing consumption-based emissions and influencing suppliers, adaptation and carbon sequestration and influencing behaviour and being a catalyst for change. The work the Performance, Research and Intelligence (PRI) department does with the Zero Carbon team to monitor emissions has a key role in determining whether MCC is on target to becoming net-zero as well as impacting on decision making which will affect the future policy trajectory of the local authority. The presentation will go into some detail in terms of carbon reporting, challenges we face in terms of data including quality, quantity, and conversion into carbon emissions and how we have worked through these issues.
Ellis Odjidja, Senior Analyst, Liam Read, Analyst, Sophie Sheil, Principal Resources & Programme Officer & Sarah Henshall, Data Assistant, Manchester City Council

Using insights from different data sets to tackle energy poverty
Administrative data held by local authorities can give rich insights into the financial resilience of residents. Policy in Practice is helping councils to directly target support to individual properties using the Low Income Family Tracker platform (LIFT).
Local authorities have the administrative data, but can lack the time or resources to pull the relevant insights from within it. By analysing their data, LIFT gives councils insights on household income including earnings, benefits, investments and tenancy types. Using this data, councils can see at a glance which households may be struggling financially.
Adding supplemented data to this can produce further, more specific, insights. EPC data can be cross-referenced against scheme eligibility criteria to identify households who are eligible for grants and missing out.
We will discuss:

  • How utilising administrative data can give insights into the least financially resilient households in the area
  • How these insights can help to identify eligible households with targeted take-up campaigns
  • How working with the LIFT platform brings in results quickly by comparison to starting a campaign from scratch
  • The ease in which this work can be replicated by councils

Paul Garlick, Strategic Client Services Manager, Policy in Practice with Enfield Council officer

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29 March 2023
11:00 am - 12:30 pm
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