Cleaning, catering, and housekeeping staff (ancillary staff) have been crucial during the coronavirus crisis given their role in infection control, food preparation, and help with social distancing. But they are traditionally overlooked by policymakers and commentators. Researchers at King’s College London want to identify best practice and effective policies for supporting the ancillary workforce of care homes. This will help meet a gap in policy – how to better support this staff group work to prevent coronavirus, help those with it, and with service reset and recovery.  

Are you part of cleaning, catering, or housekeeping staff in care homes and would you like to share your experiences? Or are you a care home manager or in charge of Human Resources in a care home and have experiences with the ancillary workforce? Please contact Olivia by email or telephone 07927 512916. To thank you for your time, we will send you a £20 voucher.