The LGA have recently launched ‘Nudges for social good’, a podcast series about how councils have nudged their residents into different ways of living. Learn from council officers about their pointers and practical examples on using behavioural insights in various council services and pick up ideas to start your own project.

Intelligent Council

Readers may remember the work that the LGA commissioned with LARIA a while ago, to pull together a range of resources related to an ‘Intelligent Council’.  The LGA has now created a new online hub, called the Transformation and Innovation Exchange, which brings practical help for local government about transformation, innovation and efficiency into one place. Under the heading ‘Use of data and intelligence’, it includes all the resources we identified in the ‘Intelligent Council’ work, including blogs, case studies, reports, tools, and training.

You can see them all here.  However, the hub will only remain useful if we continue to maintain it.  Take a look today to see what’s there already, and then consider adding other resources you have found useful to share with others: simply sign in (using your Knowledge Hub or LG Inform details, or register) to upload your own resources, or to endorse and comment on those already there.