Laria NE October 2018 Event

It’s been a busy year! We’ve held three North East networking events in Durham, Newcastle and Darlington. At the end of 2018, there were 48 LARIA members in the North East region compared to 31 in 2017, from 16 different organisations across the public, academic and voluntary sectors. We held the first LARIA North East 2018 networking event at Newcastle City Library in January. Bad weather prevented several people attending, but the nine attendees and two presenters enjoyed a session led by two LARIA Research Award winners on understanding complex anti-social behaviour cases, and creating a blueprint for future intelligence provision.

The second LARIA North East Networking event in May 2018 was well-attended, with 18 attendees and three presenters. Held on a sunny day at Durham County Hall, we enjoyed a mixture of presentations on information management and local research networks, and the chance to meet other North East researchers. Our final LARIA North East networking event happened at Darlington Borough Council in October, where 11 attendees listened to presentations on homelessness prevention, public health intelligence and behaviour change.

What’s happening next?

In future, we’ll be looking at how to design LARIA NE events to give people more time networking with each other. I’ll continue to move them around the region to give everyone a chance to attend. My thanks to everyone who has helped to put on the networking events, especially those who have provided venues and given up their time to speak. It would also be great to have volunteers to help run the LARIA NE network – if you’re interested in finding out more, do get in touch. Merry Christmas!

Louise Reeve

LARIA North East Regional Organiser