Migrant Care Workers in Professional Care Provision in Germany
Wednesday 15 March, SCWRU at KCL

Email Janet Robinson to book your place at this free ROWM Network seminar, led by Hildegard Theobald – Professor of Organisational Gerontology at the University of Vechta, Germany. 

Care workers with migrant backgrounds are increasingly employed by care services in Germany. This seminar will report findings from a large representative survey study of home-based and residential care services; it compares care workers with and without migrant backgrounds and will reveal the interrelated impact of long-term care, professionalization and migration policies on the employment and work situation of care workers. The interrelated effects of migration and skills emerge as an indicator for social class in this female dominated work field. Among the migrant care workers, two main findings emerge: the strong impact of skill level on their employment situation, and the difficulties of daily care work for those working in residential care, independent of their skill levels.