Public Health England has just published the 2015 Health Profiles for local authorities. These contain a summary of information on the health of the people in your local authority area and some factors that may influence their health. The profiles are available online at, and you can find the Health Profile for your area by clicking on the ‘Find Profiles’ button on the left of the page.

The interactive version of the profiles has also been updated and can be found via the ‘Maps’ button on the left of the page, or directly at .

You may also be interested to view Local Health, which can show information down to electoral ward level.  You can find it via the ‘Local Health’ button on the left of the Health Profiles website pages, or directly at .

Please let the Health Profiles team know how you find the profiles, and any other comments or suggestions, so that the profiles can be continually improved to meet your needs.

Photo credit: Seaforth Docks and Crosby, Merseyside by Phillip Capper