122 councils have participated in the first round of local data benchmarking in LG Inform (the Local Government Association’s free data service). This is a voluntary, sector-led initiative by which the sector has generated and collected metrics that are of practical use locally, rather than dictated by others. The metrics currently cover waste collection, sickness absence and complaints, and authorities are invited to continue to suggest new data items.

The Q1 results are now live in LG Inform and available to view through a custom summary report.

The most recent data is only available to registered local authority users of LG Inform, so please sign in to view the report. If you have not registered with LG Inform before, this is a quick, easy and free process.

Further, the collection for Q2 data is now open. The upload process is designed to be very straightforward, and involves simply entering your authority’s figure into an online form. Please visit the dedicated LG Inform page to access the upload form, and also to see how to suggest new metrics for collection. Please upload your Q2 data by Wednesday 12 November.

The LG Inform team is collecting a list of key contacts for this work. If you would like to be the key contact for your authority, please send lginform@local.gov.uk your contact details. You can also contact this email address with any questions about the project.

Photo credit: Park bench in Peterborough by Sammidavisdog