The June/July 2014 research and information update from the Local Government Association (LGA) is out now. This regular alert provides you with an overview of the latest LGA research, and the services that the LGA provide to help and support the local government sector, as well as research that will be of interest to you from other sources.

In this issue, the LGA feature a series of reviews from the Knowledge Navigator programme. These include;

  • The levers of local economic development Knowledge Navigator review
  • From analysis to action: connecting research and local government in an age of austerity and the Collaboration in action evidence review
  • Also featured in the research bulletin are; the Local Government incentive scheme, Mapping Health and Wellbeing Boards’ priorities interactive map, LG Inform and LG Inform Plus updates and the LGA statistical alert.

For the full version of these stories, and many others, read the LGA research bulletin

Photo credit: Local Government House, London taken by the LGA