LARIA is interested in submitting a response to the ESRC Consultation on their future strategic direction.

On our Knowledge Hub wiki we have copied in the ESRC’s questions and would like LARIA members to add or amend the comments. We can keep track of changes so if there is disagreement among LARIA members we can review the content and make sure all views are covered.

We are aware that some LARIA members cannot access the Knowledge Hub due to nature of their organisation and the recent changes that have taken place in terms and conditions. If you cannot access the Knowledge Hub please feel free to email us you comments directly and we can include them. We would also be happy to email you the content on the wiki to date for you to comment on

The official ESRC deadline for a response from LARIA is Tuesday 15 July 2014, but we would like to review the content by Friday 11 July to ensure LARIA can submit it. We look forward to your contribution. Please refer to the ESRC consultation pages and read the background documentation before answering the questions.

Photo: Bodleian Book Storage Facility, Swindon by Foxing Clever