NHS England has asked all CCGs, together with their NHS England Area teams to jointly produce five-year strategic plans (2014/15 to 2018/19) setting out their health outcome ambitions against seven overarching outcomes selected from the NHS Outcomes Framework. One of the key outcome measures is Potential Years of Life Lost (PYLL) for conditions amenable to healthcare (NHS OF Indicator 1a).

PHE has developed an excel tool to help CCGs review their ambitions which is attached along with a guidance document intended to support the use of the tool. It is recommended that users of the tool print the document and read it while using the tool. The guide contains instructions on using the tool with screen-shots, guidance on reviewing the level of ambition and definitions of the various CCG and Local Authority indicators within the tool (Technical Appendix).

The main focus of the tool is a CCG registered population base (because this is the basis for the indicator in the outcomes framework) but the tool also includes the LA resident population trajectories as context, which is particularly useful where the CCG relates to more than one LA.

For any technical queries please contact David.Merrick@PHE.gov.uk and for other queries relating to this tool please contact Sue.Baughan@PHE.gov.uk