This week, the LGiU published a new report with Lambeth Council – please share your thoughts and comments.

The LGiU have been working with Lambeth to evaluate their new approach to improving the local neighbourhood.

Instead of asking residents  “do you support this proposal”, Lambeth wanted to ask residents “what would you like to see in this area?” The approach places local citizens in the driving seat and shows how Lambeth Council is seeking to put co-operative principles into practice.

The publication explores both the challenges and opportunities of this approach by considering three local projects: the Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme, Van Gogh Walk and the Loughborough Junction Plan.

The local projects vary according to geography, timescale and budget but each initiative shares the aspiration of reconfiguring the relationship between the council and local residents.

The evaluation draws together some broad, practical tips for councils similarly interested in placing a community engagement programme at the centre of council delivery.

Download the full report.

Read the blog.


Photo Credit: Lambeth Walk Doorstep Green by Ewan Munro