In 2013, Martin Reeves, Chief Executive of Coventry City Council and President of LARIA, called upon the research and intelligence profession to face its challenges.

So what do we understand about our challenges, how should we move forward as a profession, and how can LARIA support the professional development of its members?

Take a look at what we’ve found out during 2013 from the research we’ve been carrying out with the help of People Matters Network.

In the months leading up to the LARIA annual conference in May, we will be carrying out our 2014 ‘R&I Challenges’ survey with members and at the conference we will be responding to the challenge put to us by Martin Reeves.

“Better use of evidence and insight in support of decision making is central to the challenges we now face at a local level within public sector agencies. This offers a huge opportunity for the modern-day researcher and engagement professional to make a real and lasting difference by equipping themselves with the skills that are invaluable to their organisation, both now and in the future. I am keen to see how the Laria / PMNet engagement develop and the actions proposed.”

Visit People Matters Network to take part in the discussions.

Photo credit: Dragon Boat Festival, London, taken by Ania Mendrek