LARIA (Local Area Research and Intelligence Association)
Neil Wholey

The new fascinating website for the World of Statistics is now live! The aim of the organisation is to

  • Increase public awareness of the power and impact of statistics on all aspects of society
  • Nurture statistics as a profession, especially among young people
  • Promote creativity and development in the sciences of probability and statistics

The effect of statistics can be seen all around us; from the food we eat to the alignment of the planets – can you imagine a world without statistics?

The latest News from the World of Statistics is now available.

Past newsletters can be reviewed in the archive.

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“Thank you for your support of The World of Statistics, the successor to the International Year of Statistics.”
-Ron Wasserstein (on behalf of The World of Statistics Steering Committee)

Photo credit: Durlston Head, Dorset; Tim Parkinson