We hope you like the new LARIA website. This is our open Beta phase (in other words a work in progress!). The old website is still available  but we are not updating it. Instead over the next couple of months we will be developing this website further and moving over the old content. We would love to get members involved so if you have any comments or ideas please send us an email.

We are particularly keen on receiving articles from members. This could just be a couple of lines linking to an interesting article somewhere else or feel free to write something. If you want some help and guidance just drop us an email.

Also we need LARIA members to collect and upload pictures of their local areas, people and places. We have set up a Flickr page to give you some ideas and want to use the website to showcase local areas. Naturally we would hope our pictures to reflect the content of the articles so it would be great if you could illustrate something about research, or a potential subject for some research, in your photos.

Finally, and by no means least, we need your help in testing the accesibility of this website. We are working on our accessibility statement and would like to hear from members on any issues they encounter. The website should be fully responsive on mobile and all major browsers. We are aware that some in the public sector use very old versions of internet browsers so if you encounter a problem please tell us which version you are using!


The LARIA web team – Alicia, Hannah and Neil

Photo credit: ZeLIG Admission Exam taken by ZeLIG School