Want some help using behavioural insights in your authority? Would some real-life techniques and examples help? Look no further. A new Guide with useful techniques and tools is available for officers with an interest in applying insights from behavioural psychology.

It was written by Warren Hatter (aka With The Grain) with Sunderland City Council, drawing on projects for the Sunderland Partnership’s Health and Wellbeing Board, chiefly on smoking in pregnancy and take-up of nursery places, with a few additional examples drawing on WTG’s work elsewhere. The report was written to help officers in Sunderland apply BI, but Sunderland are also keen to share the learning with other local authorities.

Warren was the first behavioural practitioner to specialise in local government, back in 2010 and, with LB Ealing, won the Grand Prix at the first Nudge Awards. You can find him Twitter, and he has a blog where you can download the new guide.