Since January 2014, ESRC has been investing in Business and Local Government Data Research Centres to conduct curation and analysis of these data and associated training, knowledge exchange and public engagement programmes.

The Consumer Data Research Centre runs a programme of short-courses in data analytics for practitioners, academics and non-academic researchers. It is carrying out a survey of data analysis and location planning professionals in order to understand future training needs and to help it to develop courses in real-world, problem-solving techniques. To participate in this survey please click here.

The Urban Big Data Centre provides training and skills development for different audiences, including technical, methodological and policy-focused sessions. For an introduction to the Centre’s services please watch this short video.

Finally, The Business and Local Government Data Research Centre provides bespoke training courses for local government. It is currently running a Talk Big Data series: ‘Big data. Big questions’. Further information and booking details are available here.