We are pleased to launch the LARIA Partnership Group which we believe will help improve the availability and use of local evidence to support policy making, service improvement and delivery. It is intended to provide our members with guidance and support on future trends in research, intelligence and policy by working with a broad range of partners.

The group will consist of 15-20 members representing a broad range of sectors. Initial confirmed members include representatives from the Alliance for Useful Evidence, INLOGOV, LGA, MRS, Social Services Research Group and SOLACE. The first meeting will be at the start of June, so that it is after the General Election, and it is envisaged that the group will meet twice a year. The findings from the group will be published to members soon after it meets and we would encourage members to suggest issues for the group to discuss.

We see the role of this important group as:

  • Promoting the role of research, intelligence and policy analysis for local public services
  • Identifying the demand for local research services and areas which need to be developed further
  • Encouraging and promoting specific areas of activity
  • Highlighting and advocating schemes to improve the quality of work meeting these needs, including professional development and skills
  • Developing LARIA methodological awards and further development of the Research Impact awards

At the first meeting the group will discuss the research findings from the Local Area Research Fortnight insight community as well as general lessons learnt from running the fortnight in general. If you have any queries about the LARIA Partnership Group please contact Neil Wholey, Chair of LARIA