IRN Research, an independent research agency, has been commissioned by Jisc ( to look at how participants are found for research projects in various sectors, including local government, and whether there are opportunities for (CFP), a Jisc-funded project, to offer participant recruitment services. So far, CFP has only worked with academic researchers and provides a central site where, at no cost, researchers can invite participants from the general public to take part in research. However, it is looking to expand into other areas and we are very interested in obtaining some feedback from others interested in this topic. With this in mind, would you be willing to spare a few minutes over the phone to talk about the participant recruitment process, methods of recruitment, and any specific issues/problems involved in this process?

They will donate £5 to Save the Children for any telephone interview and a £10 Amazon gift card will be sent to all telephone interviewees. They can also send you a summary of the research report. All responses will be treated in the strictest confidence and anonymised and responses will only be used to produce top-line results for a research report to be presented to Jisc and CFP. None of your details or responses will be passed to anyone else.

Please email David Mort at IRN Research on if you would like to take part in a 10 minute telephone discussion.

Photo credit: Crowd by Espen Sundve